How to Clean and Disinfect Door Knobs and Handles


For effective cleaning and disinfection of the knobs and handles, the solution should always be alcohol-based (60 to 80% concentration). Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide solutions might also work but because of safety, odour, corrosion and tarnishing concerns, it will always be safe to use alcohol-based products instead. How

How to Choose a Door For My Bedroom


Most likely the door you choose will be there for the next 10 years or so. It will also be a huge part of how the bedroom looks from the outside and inside. It’s important then to know your options before making a choice. How to choose a

How Long Do Front Doors Last?


Your front door may last 30 years or more. It’s also common for doors to last for two or three generations (remember the house where you grew up and you’ll realise the door there has not been replaced). How long do front doors last Quality doors are designed

Which Material is Best for Doors?


Wood, composite, aluminium and steel are the most common material options when it comes to doors. Here let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each door material. Which material is best for doors Let’s start with wood as this is the most common especially in homes.

How Can I Make My Front Door Secure?


The easiest and fastest way to get into a house is through the front door. Burglars and intruders know that because it’s the biggest point of entry and exit of most homes. After all, they have to escape quickly and bring with them some of your belongings. A

How Your Front Door Says a Lot About You


Your home gives clues about who you are including your personality. It’s like the clothes you wear can make other people assume some things about you. Your front door can also set some expectations about your home and your personality in general. For example, yellow front doors signal