ABS Pre Finished Doors JHW021-100 (Wood)

JHW-054H/Romance HGJHW-054H/Romance HG
JHW-054V/Romance VGJHW-054V/Romance VG
JHW-055H/C243 HGJHW-055H/C243 HG
JHW-055V/C243 VGJHW-055V/C243 VG
JHW-056/Thunder OakJHW-056/Thunder Oak
JHW-060/Perry Long VintageJHW-060/Perry Long Vintage
JHW-063/Lausanne ElmJHW-063/Lausanne Elm
JHW-069/Beige ArtJHW-069/Beige Art
JHW-074/Pure OakJHW-074/Pure Oak
JHW-079/Modern OakJHW-079/Modern Oak
JHW-082/Maribo OakJHW-082/Maribo Oak
JHW-090/L 084JHW-090/L 084
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Our wood interior films are easy to construct and they come with excellent adhesion. All wood interior films can be laminated on the ABS doors. Wood pattern ABS Doors are suitable for interior decoration, furniture, door lamination. Our stunning wood patterns show elegant tone, which is very desirable in home decoration.

ABS Pre Finished Doors features:

  • Durability


  • Waterproof


  • Lightweight


  • Termite Resistant

    Termite Resistant

  • Easy Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance

  • Sound Proof

    Sound Proof

  • Energy Efficient

    Energy Efficient

  • Aesthetically Pleasing

    Aesthetically Pleasing

Honeycomb Infill

Honeycomb Infill:

Offers durable strength with less weight, and improved energy efficiency with insulation air pockets.


For doors, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, furniture. Cover on MDF, particleboard, wooden board, fiberboard and embossed board.

Colour Guide

Code Colour
JHW-022 0901
JHW-051 3376
JHW-054H Romance*
JHW-054V Romance*
JHW-055H C-243*
Code Colour
JHW-055V C-243*
JHW-056 Thunder Oak
JHW-060 Perry Long Vintage
JHW-063 Lausanne Elm
JHW-069 Beige Art
Code Colour
JHW-074 Pure Oak
JHW-075 Ivy201
JHW-079 Modern Oak
JHW-082 Maribo Oak
JHW-090 L 084

*JHW-054H & HW-055H have horizontal grains and JHW-054V/JHW-055V have vertical grains.

Additional information



Door Construction

ABS Composite

Standard Door Size (mm)

2040 x 820 x 35
Custom size

Custom/Special Size (mm)

Custom sizes are available on request
Special size min. 2040 x 820 x 35
Special size max. 2400 x 820 x 35