Anodised AluminiumAnodised Aluminium
Powder Coasted RangePowder Coasted Range
Single Glazed 4 mmSingle Glazed 4 mm
Single Glazed 5 mmSingle Glazed 5 mm
Single Glazed 6 mmSingle Glazed 6 mm
Single Glazed 7 mmSingle Glazed 7 mm
Single Glazed 8 mmSingle Glazed 8 mm
Single Glazed 9 mmSingle Glazed 9 mm
Single Glazed 10 mmSingle Glazed 10 mm
Single Glazed 11 mmSingle Glazed 11 mm
Single Glazed 12 mmSingle Glazed 12 mm
Thick Glazed 14 mmThick Glazed 14 mm
Thick Glazed 15 mmThick Glazed 15 mm
Thick Glazed 16 mmThick Glazed 16 mm
Thick Glazed 17 mmThick Glazed 17 mm
Thick Glazed 18 mmThick Glazed 18 mm
Double Glazed 19 mmDouble Glazed 19 mm
Double Glazed 20 mmDouble Glazed 20 mm
Double Glazed 21 mmDouble Glazed 21 mm
Double Glazed 22 mmDouble Glazed 22 mm
Double Glazed 23 mmDouble Glazed 23 mm
Double Glazed 24 mmDouble Glazed 24 mm
Double Glazed 25 mmDouble Glazed 25 mm
Double Glazed 26 mmDouble Glazed 26 mm
Double Glazed 27 mmDouble Glazed 27 mm
Double Glazed 28 mmDouble Glazed 28 mm
Double Glazed 29 mmDouble Glazed 29 mm
Double Glazed 30 mmDouble Glazed 30 mm
Double Glazed 31 mmDouble Glazed 31 mm
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The Artisan Architectural 225 Door is a 46mm pocket-glazed commercial door panel capable of hinge door configurations and has been designed with flexibility, performance, and ease of assembly in mind. The Artisan Architectural 225 Door builds on the trusted and reliable 200 and 275 Series Doors, suiting a wide range of applications from architectural entry doors through to commercial shopfronts.

This door can be fitted with either single or double-glazed units and has the option of standard and wide stiles. It is also compatible with a vast range of commercial and architectural locks and furniture and the full range of Capral framing systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Ultra high-performance design
  • Suited to almost any commercial or architectural application
  • Extended product limitations for large configurations
  • Tested to cyclonic and BAL40 requirements
  • High performance roller hardware
  • Standard and multi-stack configurations
  • Internal or external sliding configurations
  • Can be internally or externally screened
  • Compatible with a wide range of framing suites
  • Single Glazed
  • Double Glazed
  • Wind & Water Rated
  • Acoustic Rated
  • WERS
  • Bushfire Rated
  • Flyscreen Option
  • Cyclonic Rated
  • Air Circulation
  • Passive Venting
  • Australian Standards
  • Drain Solutions
  • Declare Label Certified
  • Lower-carbon Aluminium

Breezeway Louvre Windows


Louvre Windows have been around for a long time. You may remember them as the old rusty, leaky louvers from yesteryear. But today, Breezway offers a new generation, high-performance louver window designed specifically for Australia’s weather and climate.

Breezway Louvre Windows offers several advantages over other window types

With no fixed panes and blades that open almost horizontally in an aluminum window or timber frame, Breezway Louvre Windows open twice as wide as regular windows to maximize ventilation and allow precise control of airflow into your building.

  • Breezes can be captured no matter which direction the wind is blowing
  • Louvres can be left open in gentle rain
  • Louvres do not project far beyond the surrounding wall so do not impede paths of travel
  • Ideal for internal windows to further cool and refresh the building
  • Louvres can be cleaned from the inside of the building (a big advantage in multi-floor buildings)

Additional information

Compatible with

AGS Commercial Range

Door Construction

Stile & Rail

Frame Dimensions (D & H)

Option 1 Sill: 100 & 150 x 44 STD
Option 2 Sill: 100 & 150 x 50 STD
Option 3 Sill: 100 & 150 x 80 HP

Maximum Product Performance

SLS (Pa): up to 6000
ULS (Pa): up to 10500
WATER(Pa) Open In: up to 300

Maximum Sound Rating

Rw(C;Ctr): 36(-1;-2)

Standard Door Size (mm)

2040 x 820 x 46
2040 x 870 x 46
2040 x 920 x 46
2040 x 1200 x 46
Custom size

Custom/Special Size (mm)

Maximum Recommended Sash Sizes: 3000 x 1200 x 46
Custom sizes are available on request

Bushfire Attack Level

BAL 40: Very high