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Parkwood solid timber internal feature doors, hand-crafted from high quality timber. Our skilled workforce, ensure any timber used is of the highest quality and colour matched.

Parkwood’s solid timber range of interior doors is manufactured from a selection of sustainably sourced timbers, they are custom-built to your specifications. We make it easy to select the door style and timber that best matches your interior design, and specify the exact size you require.

  • Solid timber doors are stronger than hollow core doors; the kids can’t kick holes in them
  • Solid timber doors shut better and they don’t blow open or shut easily with the wind
  • Solid timber doors have an elegance and quality that can add value to your home
  • Parkwood timber internal doors have sturdy construction — they are made 38mm thick, to add strength to the door and a weighty, solid feel
  • Parkwood timber internal doors are designed to expand and contract — because timber is a natural material it is very reactive to changes in temperatures and humidity

Internal Door Profiles

Parkwood internal doors are made of several profiles including AR, Bungalow, Pioneer, Traditional, Victorian and Villa. French Internal, Joinery Internal and Pioneer Doors share the same Pioneer profile.

Internal Door Profile AR
Internal Door Profile Bungalow
Internal Door Profile Pioneer
French Internal
Internal Door Profile Pioneer
Joinery Internal
Internal Door Profile Pioneer
Internal Door Profile Traditional
Internal Door Profile Victorian
Internal Door Profile Villa

Timber Options

Parkwood internal doors are available in Western Red Cedar, Radiata Pine, Rosewood, Vulcan, and American White Ash.

Western Red Cedar
Red Cedar – Western
Radiata Pine
Radiata Pine
American White Ash
White Ash – American

Door Finish & Hardware

Parkwood offers a wide variety of glass, door furniture and finishing options suit your needs. Click here for more information to complete your door and bring it to life with a selection of different hardware, glass and finishes.

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