Lockwood Cavity Sliding Door Locks

7400 Privacy Set7400 Privacy Set
7410 Passage Latch Set7410 Passage Latch Set
7444 Entrance Set7444 Entrance Set
7450 Passage Set7450 Passage Set

Lockwood’s sliding door lock range is possibly the most innovative and aesthetically pleasing lock for a cavity sliding door in Australia. Combining elegance and ease of use, the Cavity Sliding Door Lock is ideal for any home décor and security solution.

Not only will the internal bathroom or lounge room sliding door have a contemporary look, but the interconnecting door from the garage to the laundry can be fitted with a key lockable entrance-set for security.

Key Features of the Cavity Sliding Door Lock Range

  • Designed in Australia for specific Australian market conditions
  • Easily fitted into a standard 54mm door preparation with a 60mm backset
  • Fitted flush against the panel of the sliding door for full recess into the door cavity
  • Entrance, Privacy, Passage and Passage Latch functions available for the residential solution

Key lockable solution

  • Key locking and turn function protects the secondary external application for an interconnecting sliding cavity door
  • Australian standards compliance AS4145.2-2008: Tested to exceed 30,000 turn cycles withstanding 3 kN of pull force

Retractable door pull

  • Designed after extensive research, the sliding cavity door lock features an innovative retractable door pull which combines style with functionality.

Entrance, Privacy and Passage functions available for the complete residential solution

7444 Entrance Set
 – Locked or unlocked by key
Inside – Locked or unlocked by turn-plate

7400 Privacy Set
 – Emergency release button opened by coin or screwdriver
Inside – Locked or unlocked by turn-plate

7410 Passage Latch Set
 – Locked or unlocked by turn-plate
Inside – Locked or unlocked by turn-plate

7450 Passage Set
Outside – Free to slide door at all times
Inside – Free to slide door at all times

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Cavity Sliding Door Lock

7400 Privacy Set, 7410 Passage Latch Set, 7444 Entrance Set, 7450 Passage Set