Rectangle Block Louvre JFMB-1D

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Our decorative rectangle block louvres are easy to install. They will not only look amazing, but they adapt to interior surfaces whether flat, curved or angled. Our rectangle block louvres really hits the mark on both aesthetics and performance!


  • Premium grade rubber veneer surface
  • Flexible panels (curve to suit any surface)
  • Commercial Grade
  • Fire Retardant (JH-901/JH-903/JH-904/JH-905/JH-906/JH-907) & Acoustic rated
  • Commercial grade acoustic rubber (Dramatically reduces noise echoing and noise transmission)
  • Available in 600mm x 2400mm


  • Rectangle block louvres can be installed on drywall.
  • Staple tacker work will be carried out after fixing silicone and wood bond on the back of rectangle block louvres.
  • Suitable for finishing wall and ceiling. Not suitable for flooring.
  • It may cause deformation and discolouration when the rectangle block louvres are installed in the areas with high humidity and temperature changes (Toilet, Sauna, Swimming pool, etc.

Rectangle Block Louvre JFMB

Rectangle Block Louvre

Rectangle Block Louvre Assembly

JFMB-1D Main Body


JFMB-2D Starter


JFMB-3D End Trim


JFMB-4D Top Trim


Colour Guide

Flame retardant
Code Colour Finish
JH-901 White Finishing Foil
JH-903 Esse Finishing Foil
JH-904 Santana Oak Finishing Foil
JH-905 Charcoal Gray Finishing Foil
JH-906 Dark Blue Finishing Foil
JH-907 Gray Finishing Foil
Non-flame retardant
Code Colour Finish
JH-008 White PVC decorative film
JH-067 Gray PVC decorative film
JH-075 Ivy201 PVC decorative film
JH-082 Maribo Oak PVC decorative film
JH-184 Dark Gray PVC decorative film
JH-230 Oriental Blue PVC decorative film
JH-272 Sand White PVC decorative film
JH-273 Sand Gray PVC decorative film

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