The Schlage Ease™ Smart Deadbolt and Entry Lock range offers stylish locks with modern functions the whole family can enjoy.

Consider the sleek design of the deadbolt or the convenience of the entry lock, providing the family convenience and security for smarter living.

The Schlage Ease™ range is simple to install with just a screwdriver and easy to program, storing up to 20 access codes. Pair your lock with the Schlage Abode
app on your smartphone, for effortless access and control of your lock.

Go keyless, for a smarter way of living.

The Schlage Ease™ S2 Smart Entry Lock unlocks from the following methods:

  • Smartphone App

    Smartphone App

  • Pin Code

    Pin Code

  • Mechanical Key

    Mechanical Key

Features and benefits:

Exceptional convenience
  • Various access options including touchpad, key or smartphone
  • Easy to set up and program using the Schlage Abode app
  • Remote access using the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (AB100)*
  • Non-handed
  • Can be retrofitted in minutes using a screwdriver
Enhanced security
  • Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock
  • Backlit touchscreen
  • Auto-locking
  • Random PIN number function protects your entry code
  • Low battery indicator offers weeks of advanced warning for battery replacement
  • Emergency battery power can be obtained by a micro USB emergency power bank
  • The Schlage Ease™ S2 Smart Entry Lock offers the ability to switch from normal to passage mode


  • Codes

    20 code capacity

  • Warranty

    2 year warranty

  • Battery

    Uses 4x AA alkaline batteries

  • Door thickness

    33mm to 50mm

  • Backset range

    Backset Range

    60-70mm adjustable

Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (AB100)


*Sold separately.

The Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge pairs your Schlage Ease™ Smart Deadbolt to your home Wi-Fi. It provides you remote access to your lock through the Schlage Abode mobile app.

With the Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge, wherever you are:
  • Receive lock notifications
  • Receive lock tamper alerts
  • Manage user access
Schlage Wi-Fi Bridge (AB100)

Additional information


Matt Black (BLK)

Backset (mm)

60mm-70mm adjustable