The Yale 3109 digital mortice lock offers unmatched security and convenience of keyless entry for owners with an array of access methods, including personalised PIN codes, creating the need of not having to search for keys to enter the home. With other entry options including RFID key tags and traditional key override this, you can be sure there is an option for all.

Allowing homeowners to customise their residences with state-of-the-art technology, the mortice lock installation provides owners with a different locking solution compared to the other smart locks in the range, covering different applications. With the inbuilt door position sensor, you’ll never accidentally lock your door while it’s open. The scramble code feature ensures the privacy of your PIN.

For added safety, the child-safe button requires the lever to be depressed to engage the lock. Activate the privacy mode to disable outside authentication methods, providing enhanced security. You don’t need to worry about battery failure, thanks to the reliable 9V backup terminal. Moreover, the Yale YDM Series Rebate kit offers flexibility for double doors. Choose the Yale 3109 digital mortice lock for effortless security and peace of mind.

The Yale 3109 Digital Lock unlocks from the following methods:

  • Smartphone App

    Smartphone App

  • Pin Code

    Pin Code

  • RFID Card

    RFID Card

  • Mechanical Key

    Mechanical Key

Key Features:

  • Unlock your door with a personalized PIN code. It can register up to 100 users
  • Unlock your door with RFID Key Tag. It can register up to 100 users
  • Key override for optional secondary access
  • Built in alarm for when the lock is tampered with and get notified via the app
  • Automatically lock your door when you leave immediately after closing

Other Features:

  • Lock and unlock your door via your mobile device
  • Grant access to others for one time access
  • Grant access for a set period of time or a date range
  • Keep track of visitor access
  • Check the door status from your mobile device
The Yale YDM series Rebate kit** offers customers the option to fit this lock with a set of rebated double doors.


  • Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM & R-NZ) for Australia and New Zealand

  • Codes

    Up to 100 unique PIN codes

    Up to 100 key tags

  • RFID

    4 x Contactless key tags included

  • Lock type

    Mortice lock (95mm deep mortice required)

  • Battery

    Uses 4x AA alkaline batteries

    Battery Life on lock approximately 12 months

    9V battery backup

  • Alerts

    Low battery warning

    Break in/tamper alarm

  • Door thickness

    40mm to 95mm

  • Backset range

    Backset Range

    60mm backset mortice lock

Works with your Smart Home

Yale HomeKit

The Yale YDM Home Module (included) allows users with a YDM series lock to utilize the functions and features of the Yale Home App straight out of the box. Enjoy total control over your lock through the Yale Home App, and it is also directly compatible with Apple HomeKit, ensuring seamless integration with your existing smart home ecosystem.

The Yale 3109 Digital Lock can be upgraded with the Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge (sold separately) to access your lock remotely and fully enjoy the benefits provided by the Yale Home App.

Upgrade with Yale Home

The Yale Home App provides total control over your door, allowing you to lock and unlock it, manage access for others, and keep track of visitor activity. With remote access, you can control your lock from anywhere, at any time, and adjust settings as needed. The app also offers convenient features such as auto unlock as you approach the door, door position sensing, and compatibility with voice assistants for hands-free control. You can tailor user access using the app or Yale Key Tags.

Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge


*Sold separately.

The Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge pairs your Yale 3109 Digital Lock to your home Wi-Fi. It provides you remote access to your lock through the Yale Home APP.

With the Yale Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge, wherever you are:
  • Receive lock notifications
  • Receive lock tamper alerts
  • Manage user access
  • Enables smart home connectivity with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings
Yale-Connect Plus Wi-Fi Bridge

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Silver (SE)

Backset (mm)