Zanda Round Profile Pull Handle – Satin Brass

This round profile pull handle is now available in Satin Brass. It features a streamlined and elegant design, a simple and effortless solution for a door handle. The material used enhances the verticality and the illusion of a continuous extruded piece of metal is complete in the satin finish option.

  • All Stainless / Brass Components
  • Constructed of Marine Grade Stainless Steel, electroplated to the satin brass finish
Code CRS O/A W P
7026.SB* 400 mm 600 mm 32 mm 76 mm
7092.SB* 700 mm 900 mm 32 mm 76 mm

* This product is also compliant with AS.1428.

Additional information


7026 – 600 mm O/A
7092 – 900 mm O/A


Satin Brass (SB)


Back to Back (Pair)
Face Fix (Single)
Rear Fix (Single)