Zanda Stealth Electronic Deadbolt Lock


Convenience. Security. Style.

The Stealth Electronic Deadbolt offers the ultimate in electronic convenience. Enjoy 3 levels of convenience for deadbolt security with total peace of mind. The Stealth can be opened via remote, pin code or key. So whether you have a hand full of groceries, you’re sick of fumbling with keys or you want the convenience and freedom of choice, take a closer look at the Stealth security system. Great for the elderly and people on the move, Stealth delivers security with style.

Never before has electronic convenience of this quality been available at such value.

  • 3 Ways to Open: Pin Code, Remote or mechanical key override
  • 2 Remotes, 2 keys and batteries included in kit
  • High security deadbolt with anti-saw protection
  • Up to 10 codes can be programmed including temporary contractor/labourer codes
  • Common C4 key profile for easy rekeying to the rest of your house
  • Easy DIY installation, long life battery power, no wiring required
  • Can be retrofitted over standard 54mm holes and 25mm latch hole
  • Modern Brushed Nickel finish
  • Adjustable 60-70mm backset
  • Can be used in conjunction with Pull Handles or Lever Handles
  • Automatic Locking can be activated
  • Wrong Code Lockout? 5 incorrect attempts will freeze the deadbolt for 3 minutes. The key will still override in this instance
  • Low Battery Warning

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Brushed Nickel (BN)


Adjustable 60-70mm backset