Zanda Titan Longplate Door Handle


The Astron Titan Longplate is on 233 x 32 mm back plate. Available in Brushed Nickel and Satin Chrome finishes.

Code Description * Note
7112 Titan Longplate Blank longplate
7112.E85 Titan Longplate With Euro 85 mm keyhole
7112.DL Titan Longplate Dummy Set Left handed
7112.DR Titan Longplate Dummy Set Right handed
7112.PA Titan Longplate Passage Set Including 1131 latch
7112.PR Titan Longplate Privacy Set Including 1143 Mortice Lock & 1128 privacy turn
7116E.1 Titan Longplate Entrance Set Including 7112.E85, 1143 & 1121 (60 mm Key/Key)
7116E.2 Titan Longplate Entrance Set Including 7112.E85, 1143 & 1122 (60 mm Key/Turn)
7116E.3 Titan Longplate Entrance Set Including 7112.E85, 1143 & 1147 (70 mm Key/Key)
7116E.4 Titan Longplate Entrance Set Including 7112.E85, 1143 & 1148 (70 mm Key/Turn)

Comes complete with a 20 Year Warranty — your assurance of quality.

Content of Astron Longplate Door Handle Sets

Astron Passage Set

Astron Longplate Passage Kit

Includes leverset and latch

Astron Longplate Privacy Set

Astron Longplate Privacy Kit

Includes leverset with privacy cylinder & mortice lockset

Astron Longplate Dummy Set

Astron Longplate Dummy Kit

Includes a half leverset with a dummy fixing spindle — your choice of left or right handing

Astron Longplate Entrance Set

Astron Longplate Entrance Kit

Includes leverset, mortice lock, matching escutcheons and cylinder of your choice

Additional information


7112 – Titan Longplate*, 7112.DL – Titan Longplate Dummy Set*, 7112.DR – Titan Longplate Dummy Set*, 7112.E85 – Titan Longplate*, 7112.PA – Titan Longplate Passage Set*, 7112.PR – Titan Longplate Privacy Set*, 7116E.1 – Titan Longplate Entrance Set*, 7116E.2 – Titan Longplate Entrance Set*, 7116E.3 – Titan Longplate Entrance Set*, 7116E.4 – Titan Longplate Entrance Set*


Brushed Nickel (BN), Satin Chrome (SC)

Back Plate (mm)

235 x 32