Complete Doors Sydney is excited to announce that we now provide an in-house door painting service for our customers. All our painters are skilled and experienced trade persons. We use premium quality Dulux products.


The priming of your doors is completed in our factory. We offer Dulux 1 Step Prep water-based superior multi-surface undercoats for all paint-finished doors. Your primed door may arrive looking pretty finished, but it will still need to be painted. The primer covers the permeable surface of the wood, however, the paint is required to provide the extra necessary coverage against wear & tear, temperature changes, water splashes, and more. Speak to your salesperson for further information.


The painting of your doors is completed at your home after the doors have been installed. Whilst we often get requests to have the doors pre-finished in our factory this is not possible. The carpenter will need to trim your door to fit the opening and fit the locks and handles. The purchase of your new doors is an investment and adds value to your property. Having them professionally painted/stained is the final step in the process. Our painters at Complete Doors Sydney are door specialists. They paint doors every day and know the tricks of the trade to ensure your doors look great. Speak to your salesperson for further information.

Colour matching

Want to match existing colours? No problem. Our painters carry Datacolor ColorReaders which scans any color to match and coordinate paint and digital color values Instantly, eliminating stressful color indecision.

Dulux Colour Charts

Explore more than 4,800 colours for your doors.
Select a category below to browse colours and shop Dulux sample range.

Luminous, fresh, natural, and light. Dulux whites make up some of Australia’s most loved colour choices.

Grey’s versatility, and often chameleon-like qualities, makes it suitable for almost every style of door.

The many shades of browns are perfect to help your home feel like a peaceful, secure sanctuary.

Purples and pinks can help create a dramatic mood, especially in the dark tones.

Blues are versatile and easily schemed with other colours for your interior or exterior space.

Greens are very versatile, and can feel either warm or cool, perfect for interior or exterior doors.

Yellows are vibrant and reflective and can create a happy and bright environment.

In its many shades of tones, oranges can radiate warmth and energy, while being stimulating and thought provoking.

Reds are perfect for adding a sense of drama to any doors.