Which Material is Best for Doors?


Wood, composite, aluminium and steel are the most common material options when it comes to doors. Here let’s discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each door material.

Which material is best for doors

Let’s start with wood as this is the most common especially in homes. Solid wood doors are sturdy and durable and they come in intricate and beautiful carvings and designs. These doors also last a lifetime which is why it’s hard to go wrong with this choice. However, homeowners have already noticed the tendency for wood to warp especially at high humidity levels. After all, wood naturally absorbs and retains water (as its previous function as part of the tree). As a result, both the door’s appearance and integrity might get compromised.

This is in contrast with composite doors that are highly resistant to warping. This material is a common choice in places with harsh weather and environments. The composite material is often carefully designed to resist harsh conditions (and often designed for a variety of application or environment). In addition, it’s more affordable (could be hundreds of dollars cheaper than the solid wood doors).

Another affordable option is steel. Strength and durability first come to mind whenever we hear the word steel. After all, it’s a common construction material known for its longevity and integrity. When it comes to doors, strength and security are what makes steel a popular choice. A steel door could give you peace of mind because it’s stronger than wood and most other materials.

Aluminium is another strong metallic material. Although aluminium is perceived to be weaker than steel, it can still be a great choice, especially if we consider aluminium’s high resistance against rusting. Repainting is farthest from your mind and the aluminium door can be custom built according to your specifications and preferred design.

It all comes down to your preference and requirements. Wood material is always a great choice with a few disadvantages (e.g. warping). Doors made partially or completely from metal are also great but for many homeowners it feels a bit off if the door is not made from wood. Although solid wood is often more expensive, it’s still a popular choice because it helps complete that home feel we’re used to.