Do Doors Really Matter in Design?


It’s just a small part of the house and most guests will only take a look and be impressed by the newly remodelled kitchen with new cabinets, counters and backsplash. Let’s admit it, most people will just ignore the beautiful door that welcomes them and quietly stands there.

Do doors really matter in design

But also let’s admit that most people can’t just ignore the door that seems off and wrong compared to the whole house. Most of us get this feeling now and then that something’s off with a design but we can’t explain which and why. From time to time it happens to doors whether it’s a wrong colour palette or the pattern and design of the door doesn’t just match with the rest of the home.

Small details indeed matter in overall home design because everything has to flow smoothly and contribute to that “unique personality” of a home. This includes the doors, windows, floors, ceilings and even the lighting fixtures installed. Everything should be integrated and complementary so that the home really feels right both to the occupants and guests.

Aside from completing and complementing the home design, the door also sets expectations about what’s inside. It acts on a subconscious level because almost nobody comments how beautiful a door is and how it’s perfect with the rest of the home. But on a subconscious level, our brains and sensations process dozens or even hundreds of pieces of information and inputs. These all come together to form a unique impression about the home. This is similar to our feelings and values about a brand. It could be the result of the lines, colours and curves of the logo, the pleasing colour palette and soothing smell inside the store, how the merchandise is arranged and displayed, the colour and design of the uniform of the staff, the way the product or the service is presented and other details that complete our impression and feeling about a brand.

Doors can function the same way especially because it’s the point of entry where even the angling and curvature of the handle or knob will make imperceptible differences. Doors introduce a story which could be about the home or its occupants. It’s crucial to get this right by making the right choice and making sure it fits perfectly with the rest of the home.