Do Solid Doors Reduce Noise?


Doors with a solid core help in reducing noise (whether coming in or out). This helps the room or home office sound quiet, which then helps the person inside to better focus on work or studies. In many cases this is already enough instead of completely soundproofing a room.

Do solid doors reduce noise?

Noise reduction happens through absorption, damping, decoupling, adding distance and adding mass. The goal is to reduce the transmission of sound by trying to weaken it or change its pathway or direction.

In solid doors, this reduced sound transmission happens because of the added mass of the material. With the increased mass (therefore increased density), it helps stop the sound waves from exiting through the material. This can be achieved by using denser materials or incorporating multiple layers (which achieves the same effect as increasing the material density).

Installing a solid door is a practical way for noise reduction and control. We just have to install a new door without demolishing and rebuilding the walls (or installing a soundproof drywall, same as adding mass to the walls). With a solid core door, it’s a quick way of achieving better focus and some privacy through reduced noise transmission.

There are other ways to achieve that such as using noise cancellation technologies. This noise cancelling happens through destructive interference (by emission of sound waves with opposite polarity). It’s also a practical way for noise control (especially in noisy environments) but many still prefer the passive way of having a soundproofed or quiet room in the first place (there’s no setup and it’s permanent).

Another way for better noise control is having a room within a room. It’s about adding another layer between you and the outside environment. This helps in isolating the sound and preventing its transmission. Although this is effective, there could be ventilation and safety issues.

Those are just a few ways of making a room quiet for better focus. Whether using the modern noise cancellation technology or an old-fashioned way of installing a solid core door, the goal is to achieve focus and privacy, especially during times when you need to concentrate on a crucial task or you want to better relax through sleep or leisure.