How Do I Protect My Door from Sunlight and UV? 


Your front door welcomes visitors and makes a statement about your home. However, constant exposure to sunlight and UV rays can severely damage your door’s appearance and structural integrity over time. Fading, warping, cracking and peeling are all common results of neglecting sun protection for your door. 

To maintain your door’s beauty and function, it’s essential to take steps to protect it from the harsh effects of the sun. Here’s a breakdown of effective strategies, with a focus on the protective role of painting and staining: 

Choose the Right Material 

If you’re selecting a new door, material choice matters. Some materials are inherently more resistant to sun damage: 

  • Fibreglass: Exceptionally durable and resistant to fading and warping, making it an excellent choice for sunny climates. 
  • Steel: Robust and affordable but consider a factory-baked finish for optimal UV protection. 
  • Wood: Offers timeless beauty but requires more maintenance to protect it from the elements. 

Invest in an Overhang or Awning 

Constructing an overhang, awning, or porch above your door creates shade and minimises direct exposure to the sun. This simple addition can significantly extend the lifespan of your door and its finish. 

Consider Window Film 

A transparent window film applied to any glass in your door filters UV rays without blocking the view. This allows natural light in while reducing the damaging effects of the sun. 

Painting Your Door: Colour and Protection 

A fresh coat of high-quality exterior paint not only revitalises your door’s appearance but also adds a layer of UV protection. Here’s what to consider: 

  • Colour Choice: Lighter colours reflect more sunlight, keeping your door cooler and minimising fading. 
  • Paint Type: Choose a paint formulated for exterior use and specifically designed to withstand UV exposure and harsh weather. 

Staining Your Door: Natural Beauty and Protection 

A quality exterior stain enhances the wood’s natural grain while providing a protective barrier. Follow these tips: 

  • Stain Type: Select a stain with UV inhibitors formulated for exterior use. 
  • Reapplication: Stains require regular reapplication (every few years) to maintain their protective qualities. 

Additional Protection Tips 

  • Door Sealant: Apply sealant around the door’s edges to prevent warping and moisture damage. 
  • Regular Cleaning: Wash your door periodically to remove dirt and debris that can accelerate deterioration. 

The Importance of Proper Preparation 

Before painting or staining your door, thoroughly clean and sand the surface. For best results, remove old paint or flaking stains. Proper preparation ensures good adhesion of the new finish, leading to longer-lasting protection. For example, here at Complete Doors, we carry out the priming of doors in our factory. This is to properly cover the permeable surface of the wood (paint is still applied later on for additional protection against wear and tear, water splashes, etc.). 

The Bottom Line 

Protecting your door from the sun is an investment in its longevity and your home’s curb appeal. By choosing the right material, implementing shading solutions, applying window film and using top-quality paints (e.g. Dulux) and stains, you can enjoy a beautiful, well-protected door that could last for a few decades.