How to Choose a Door For My Bedroom


Most likely the door you choose will be there for the next 10 years or so. It will also be a huge part of how the bedroom looks from the outside and inside. It’s important then to know your options before making a choice.

How to choose a door for my bedroom

To help you make a more informed choice, we first quickly talk about the types of internal doors and some of the common materials they’re made of.

The door materials most common are solid timber, thin plywood, medium density fibreboard and a mix of metal and glass. Each has its own strength and your choice may depend on your specific requirements. For example, solid timber doors can shut out external noise (good acoustic insulation properties). You can better focus on your quiet reading or other tasks inside your bedroom. Although solid timber doors are a bit costly, the integrity and acoustic insulation properties make the investment worth it.

What about aesthetics? Although solid timber doors are common, it never goes out of style and for many it feels more like home if the door is timber. But it still depends on the feel you’re going for. For instance, you might prefer a modern and sleek appearance and metal and glass doors are perfect for this. However, it still depends on how it goes with your home’s interior design. Everything should be consistent and complementary. This way, everything feels right and you won’t feel there’s something off. In this case, you might replace the door and go look for another door which will again take your time and money.

To get a better idea, it helps to look at the options already available (browse some here). Immediately you might find something perfect for your bedroom and home interior. Once you’re familiar with the designs and options, you can then make a smarter choice that best fits your requirements. Whether it’s a traditional or fresh design, what’s important is the consistency and how the door goes along with the other elements of your home and bedroom.