How to Clean and Disinfect Door Knobs and Handles


For effective cleaning and disinfection of the knobs and handles, the solution should always be alcohol-based (60 to 80% concentration). Chlorine and hydrogen peroxide solutions might also work but because of safety, odour, corrosion and tarnishing concerns, it will always be safe to use alcohol-based products instead.

How to clean and disinfect door knobs and handles

There are disinfectant wipes available but many households still do a quick alcohol wipe on the door handles and knobs. This is fast, easy and convenient which is why residents and staff do it regularly. If the cleaning and disinfection are too detailed and time consuming, it’s likely that it won’t be done at all. Quick but still effective ways have the highest chances of getting regularly implemented whether in homes or workplaces.

Coronaviruses can survive and persist on surfaces for several hours (some studies even tell up to a few days). There’s still a lot of uncertainty about those claims and whether temperature, humidity and other conditions have a significant effect. What matters for now is that regular disinfection can significantly lower the risks. It’s especially the case on high-contact surfaces such as door handles and knobs.

When cleaning and disinfecting door handles and knobs, the alcohol-based disinfectant should be left there instead of wiping it off from those surfaces. This is for added assurance because of the treatment and exposure time (which might be crucial for killing off viruses and other microbes).

It’s also important to minimise the frequency of contact in the first place. This way, there will be fewer incidences and opportunities for viruses to get transmitted. Regular handwashing is also a must as well as physical distancing. However, it’s still inevitable that the knob, handle and the door itself will be touched once in a while. As a result, regular cleaning and disinfection (including after every time someone touches those surfaces) should be done to minimise spread and contamination.

Whether after receiving a delivery, going into an office or you want to go out to get some fresh air, it’s important to get mindful of the knob, handle or other things you touch. This way you can do the necessary actions and precautions and keep yourself safe. After all, health and safety are not just one-time events. Instead, they are the result of habits and continuous awareness.