How to Ensure a Welcoming Entrance Into Your Home


Many of us are fast to make assumptions and impressions about a home. Whether we’re just driving by in a community or we’re actually being a guest to other people’s homes, we’re always quick to come up with the occupants’ and owners’ income levels, lifestyles, preferences, treatment to guests and even their entire personality.

Ensure a welcoming entrance into your home

Perceptions and expectations even become reinforced or confirmed as we go inside a people’s home. Those perceptions and expectations might have been already set way before we step on the yard or near the front door. And as we enter, we form more expectations and these all happen quickly and subconsciously. We’re not even aware that the way we entered the home (including how the entry door looks and feels like) has already influenced our mood and how we interact with the owner and occupants of that home.

That also happens as our guests find their way into our dwellings. Quickly and subconsciously, they also form and reinforce their expectations. How we welcome them also influences their moods and impressions about us. Perhaps you’ve already experienced this when you feel something’s off when your guests finally arrive.

To somehow make the entrance warm, smooth and welcoming, the guests’ way of entry should be straightforward and with no obstacles. These communicate a truly welcoming entrance because they can easily enter. They also feel safe and they don’t need to worry about hitting something along the way.

It also helps to have the entryway well lit because guests are not yet deeply familiar with the interiors of your home. As we humans explore a new place (whether indoors or outdoors), we quickly and automatically scan for potential threats. After all, our brains always prioritise safety and we have to feel safe first before we can focus on anything else. Once we feel safe, we start to feel comfortable and we can pay more attention to the beauty of the house and other people’s warm welcome. As a result, it helps to make the entryway bright and well lit. This way, guests will immediately feel safe and comfortable.

In addition, it also helps to think of the welcome as a kind of reveal (similar to unwrapping a gift). When we open the door we finally reveal what’s inside our home. If the entryway or most of the home’s interior is bright and well lit, the guests’ eyes also light up and they feel delighted. That transition should be smooth and it can be initiated by a sturdy and visually pleasing front door.

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