How Your Front Door Says a Lot About You


Your home gives clues about who you are including your personality. It’s like the clothes you wear can make other people assume some things about you.

Your front door can also set some expectations about your home and your personality in general. For example, yellow front doors signal happiness and a welcoming attitude. On the other hand, doors that are painted black often signal elegance or mystery.

Which front door colour and design is right for you

If you want your door to best reflect your personality, it’s good to have knowledge of what colours mean or symbolise:

  • Happiness, cheerfulness, optimism.
  • Sophistication, elegance, formality.
  • Minimalism, simplicity, purity.
  • Sentimental, feminine.
  • Natural, strength, organic.
  • Royalty and mystery.
  • Trust and calmness.
  • Wealth (colour of money), environmental.
  • Creativity and youthfulness.
  • Passion and energy.

Depending on your cultural background, the meaning of each colour might be different to you. Also, your choice of colour will depend not only on how will it reflect your personality but also how it fits with the overall theme and design of your home or business. For instance, it’s good to choose two colours found on the opposite sides of the colour wheel. Here are some good colour combinations for the colour of your door and the rest of your home (or the other way around):

  • Orange and blue
  • Red and green
  • Yellow and purple

The pairing can still depend on what message you’re trying to convey and the unlimited shades of those colours. For safety, many choose white and black because these are universal colours (they go well with everything just like in the colour of clothes).

For design (patterns and intricate designs, combination of glass and wood, door handles and accessories), you have virtually unlimited options available (especially if you add in the customisation). It’s good to browse your options so you can get a quick feel of how they will look if placed in your home.