Is an Interior Door Different From an Exterior One?


Exterior doors are often heavier than interior doors, with heavy-duty finishes, weatherproof and with stronger locks. This reflects their use and constant exposure to outside elements and potential break-ins.

Is an interior door different from an exterior one?

Interior doors are often lighter because there are fewer threats and dangers inside the home. In contrast, exterior doors should be a bit heavy to signal strength and sturdiness. Homeowners also gain peace of mind if the exterior door or entry door is sturdy and that it can withstand brute force. For added strength, exterior doors might have been made from wood with a reinforced frame. Also, interior doors are rarely made from steel or metal while the exterior ones could be made from those materials for added strength and peace of mind.

In addition, interior doors are not exposed much to the harsh outside elements such as sunlight, rainfall, wind and moisture. As a result, they only need a light finish which is mainly for aesthetics. On the other hand, exterior doors need a heavy-duty finish to protect the material underneath and prolong the door’s aesthetics and functionality. It’s especially the case with timber where warping as well as expansion and contraction of the wood material regularly happens.

When it comes to door knobs, handles and locks, the ones installed in exterior doors should be stronger than those of the interior ones. They should be extremely hard, time-consuming or impossible to destroy or break into. Even a few seconds of extra time bought by a strong lock or door knob can mean the difference of life and death. Those few seconds might be already enough to alert you or someone else of what’s happening.

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