Should I Still Choose a Timber Door?


Wooden front doors can warp and swell because of varying moisture levels. They’re also heavily exposed to the sun (if your house front is facing the sun) and this can add to the surface damage. In addition, wood doors require maintenance and refinishing so that they can keep their aesthetic value and integrity. There’s also the concern of wooden materials losing the elegance and practicality in favour of modern materials such as steel, aluminium, composite and glass.

Should I still choose a timber door?

With all those drawbacks, should you still have a wooden front door for your home? Many homeowners still make the choice because timber is a proven material. Also, if it’s not wood it feels like something is missing in the home (especially for many who value tradition and stability).

Furthermore, timber requires maintenance just like most other materials. Exposed surfaces eventually get scratches, fading, dents and other damages. The sides, top and bottom edges of doors (no matter the material) will accumulate defects through the years (especially in our harsh Australian climate). Those are often caused by friction, the sun’s UV rays, rainfall and fluctuations in temperature and moisture levels. No matter the material, there will always be drawbacks and damages to watch out for.

In other words, it all goes down to the homeowner’s preference. Whether it’s a bifold or hinged door, the material choice will heavily depend on where the homeowner is comfortable. Timber is often a comfortable choice and many just can’t imagine choosing something else. It just feels right to settle for wood especially in our precious homes.

What matters is that the timber door is truly strong and with a coating that resists the harsh environmental elements. This way its elegance will remain for at least a year. It’s also important to pay attention to dents and slight fading (the fading or discolouration might be unpleasant to see especially if the rest of the house exterior still looks new).

Although it’s just a door and many of us might prefer focusing on how the kitchen looks, the door still contributes to the home’s aesthetics and integrity. It’s still crucial to make the right choice and make sure that it will stand the test of time. If you require such doors for your home or project, you can browse your options here.