What Type of Entry Door is Best?


This is a huge decision because the front door completes the overall home exterior. Although often it’s just in the “background” and doesn’t get much attention (no one will comment anyway how beautiful and elegant your door is), it’s still an important detail. It’s better that it doesn’t get attention at all but it does the job, rather than getting the wrong kind of attention because it doesn’t fit with the home design.

What type of entry door is best?

How can you make the right choice then? It depends on what level of aesthetics and functionality you’re going for. It also depends on how it fits with the rest of your home. The look and feel should be consistent. This consistency is important in feeling stable and safe. After all, we all have a tendency to choose consistency and familiarity so that we can feel some certainty in our lives.

When it comes to familiarity, the safe choice is always a timber or wood door. Many guests and residents still expect the door to be made of wood. Because it’s traditional and very familiar, we immediately feel safe and at home when it’s a wood or timber door. Whether it’s pure wood or in combination with other materials, it has always been a safe choice.

Another seemingly safe choice is a fibreglass door. Its best features are durability, dent resistance and low maintenance requirements. In contrast, wood doors might require a layer of varnish or paint after a few years so that they’ll still look their best. For fibreglass doors, its built-in durability and resistance make them a practical and economic choice too (moderately priced).

Glass and wood (or a combination) are popular and safe choices. The next thing to consider is about aesthetics. With a wide variety of designs, surely you can choose one that’s consistent with your home design. Architects, designers and homeowners first consider several options first before settling for a front door. They take their time in the selection because the front door will be a permanent part of the house.

You can also take your time here by visiting this page and browsing through different entry doors. This will quickly get you familiar with what’s available and see which one’s best for your house.