When Should You Replace a Door?


If the door already looks terrible, it appears outdated already or you already have doubts about its integrity (which makes you worried about safety), it’s time to replace the door. Although most doors can last for a few decades or even generations, replacing the old door can give you peace of mind and give a fresh look to your space (especially if you’re doing a repaint or remodel).

When should you replace a door?

Sometimes, a door gets replaced when it doesn’t look right with the rest of the home or building. Perhaps the appearance is inconsistent with the overall theme of the area (such as when the door looks classic while the rest of the home is somewhat modern and minimalist). Another reason for doing the replacement is the homeowners prefer other door materials. It can be the case with wood doors that are vulnerable to expansion (which makes it hard to open or close the door because the wood material absorbs moisture).

After years of use and constant exposure to harsh outside elements, wood doors can also show clear signs of warping and cracking. The repetitive expansion and contraction affects the integrity and original composition of the wood door. Even with those disadvantages mentioned, still timber doors are still a popular and safe choice. Most homeowners are still willing to accept those disadvantages because they understand that these are “built-in” to the wood material.

Replacing a door will require you to purchase a new door (and perhaps change the door casing and jamb) and paying for the labour costs (could be around $80 each hour). The costs vary because of the wide variety of options available and your preferences. Whether you will replace the timber door with a door of the same material or a door made of a combination of wood, glass and/or metal, it’s great to take some time in considering several options.

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